Oats Honey Face Pack

DescriptionOats Honey Face Pack

Here you get a special face pack. Oats honey face pack is suitable for all type of skin. It nourishes the skin, of course it gives a smart glow also. In addition to this this oats and honey face pack/mask can be used to avoid or treat pigmentation. Any how if you use this face pack once in a week certainly you will look smartly beautiful.

How to prepare oats honey face pack This face mask contain one more ingredient, that is yogurt. Take 1/2 cup yogurt. Add 1/4 cup of ground oatmeal. Mix well. Then add 1/4 cup of refined honey. Mix the whole items well. Oats honey pack is ready.

notes: Yogurt- you can use curd or buttermilk. Better use thick curd but not very old. Get fresh curd. Or if you have curd that is too old, take a little of that curd and add milk to it. So you can get curd that is fresh. Oatmeal- the usual oats you get in tins from super market. Here you have to grind it in mixer/grinder. No need to cook. Honey- some times pure honey may be available with the whole honey wax in it. Her we don't need that much wax. The purified honey is available that is not very thick. Both type you can use but preferably the purified one is best.

How to apply oats honey face pack Clean the face well. Blot the excess water and apply the face mask on the wet face. Apply all over face including around eyes. If you have dark circles around eyes it is good. And if you have pigmentation apply the face pack more on that area. If you want this pack to upgrade the skin color like in a facial, at first give a small face massage with this pack. Then apply it as a pack. Any how finally allow the pack 15-20min. to be there on face and wash it off.

You can use this oats honey face pack as you wish, like once in a week or once or twice in month.
posted by: Geetha