Homemade Skin Hair Treatments

Homemade Skin Hair Treatments

Here I am talking in this section about general homemade skin and hair treatment tips. I know you are here to know about natural and homemade methods for your beauty. Some of you may already started using one or two homemade skin or hair tips. But you may have several questions about using these homemade beauty tips. So here are the basic homemade skin hair treatment tips for you to know. This will give a general knowledge about using natural homemade herbal tips.

In homemade skin hair treatments first of I am giving you the tips for dry skin types. There are some basic principle about using these tips. So let us discuss about dry skin.

Homemade dry skin treatment tips
For a particular type of skin you have to give attention in choosing the products to use. If you are using soap it is ok, but try to get some mild soap. If you use harsh soaps this will make your skin more dry. And only use once, better in the morning or while bathing. If you are using soap to wash your face, rinse the face with normal water. If you are interested to use herbal or natural things, read the following tips.

If any of you having cracked heels, just stop using soaps and see the result. It is from my experience.

As a cleanser you can use fruit juices. If your skin is dry use diluted juice. Means add water to the juice and use. Orange juice or carrot juice are good to use for dry skin. Don't leave it on the skin. Rinse after one min. Those who are with dry skin do not use lemon on the skin. After cleansing the skin do toning. You can use ice cube to close the pores back. Or you can use fresh curd as a toner. Now you can use creams or packs. As natural pack you can go for papaya as a cleansing face pack. It will give a shine and good looking appearance to skin. Carrot pack also is very good for dry skin.Do not go for mud pack or multani mitti pack if you are with dry skin. It is recommended for oily skin. And do not leave any face packs for more than 20 min. Cucumber can be used as a relaxing pack. Just leave it for 10 min. and see the effect. After using any of these face packs use luke warm water to rinse it off. If you have dry skin all over body then use diluted raw milk to apply on body.(see other milk baths) It can be used once in week.

After doing all these if you are going out in the sun use suitable sun screen lotion. Aloe vera or other natural moisturizers can be used. For some type of skin aloe can make it dark while going out. Applying oil is a very good weekly treatment for dry skin. Do an oil bath once in a week. Or go for a full body oil massage once or twice in a month. Doing hot oil treatment on hair is also a good practice. While doing oil bath use any natural scrub to ex-foliate the dead cells. Green gram flour can be used as a scrub and can be used to wash body naturally.

Those who are with dry skin I recommend them fruit or vegetable juices. Avoid juices with extreme acidic nature. Also try to avoid foods that create acidity. Drink enough water. Add a moderate quantity of butter in your breakfast. Take proteinatious foods more.

Homemade oily skin treatment tips
You can use suitable soaps two times to wash skin. One in the mornings and one in the evenings. Always use soaps with less chemicals. To wash face use face washes. As natural cleanser use papaya juice. Add few drops of lemon juice to fresh milk. Use the watery content of this to cleanse oily skin.

For toning the skin use tomato juice from the pulp of it. As the oily skin have more chance to get acne use packs containing tulsi leaves or pudin leaves. Once in a week use multani mitti pack to reduce the oil content from the skin. Washing body with green gram flour also helps oily skin. For an oily skin a face pack with green gram, turmeric powder, fenugreek and black mustard seeds also advisable.(see face packs) Using a scrub with sugar powder, oats and mustard seeds powder also good to ex-foliate the skin. If your scalp is having dandruff massage the scalp with orange juice.(natural dandruff remedies) You can also use some other packs or tips to avoid dandruff.

Drink fruit juices as it is good for creating good skin. Orange juice or pineapple juice or grape juice are recommendable. Avoid oily foods. Minimize the quantity of butter cheese and chocolate.

Those who are having combination skin or normal skin can use any homemade tips. As it is natural that won't make any problems. General speaking you have to find out your own favorite products by trying few of these homemade skin hair treatments.