Skin Care on Summer

Skin Care on Summer

During summer the atmospheric temperature exerts more pressures on our body. The main challenge is dehydration. This may cause dry skin, boils on the skin, sometimes skin gets scratches. Dry flakes come out of skin. At this time we have to take care of our body. Special attention to be given for skin care on summer.

Basic skin care on summer
The very basic skin care starts from bathing. Give at least two baths daily. A refreshing bath gives relaxation to our body and mind. Oiling the skin is very good for summer skin care. The skin get moisturized at the time of bathing and the oils retain the moisture on skin. After bathing use any skin moisturizer of your choice. If you are an out going person use sun screen lotion or cream. At the time of bathing use very mild or herbal soaps. Or you can include green gram flour and coconut milk mix to wash body. It is a very good choice for skincare on summer. For hair you can go for homemade hot oil massages. Instead of shampoo use green gram flour in rice water mix to wash hair. After bathing try to avoid hair dryer, do towel dry or air dry hair.

For a better skin care on summer seasons use cotton cloths. Be very careful about sunburn. Do not over expose your skin to sun especially from 11am to 3pm. Choose suitable sunscreen according to the sun damage level of your place.

For a better skin care on summer a light body exercise is recommended. Do not try very hard exercise during hot weather. In the early morning do some breathing exercises or do ground exercises. Yoga is another method of physical exercise that may give a sound mind also. During summer seasons have light foods. Include fruit and vegetable juices. Take more vegetarian food, that will cool down body. Drink enough water.Avoid spicy foods.

Use avocado moisturizer on face and body. It can be used on hair also. Glycerin and honey also good natural moisturizer. Once in a week use natural scrubs. You can do body massages as a good skin care on summer season. Body wrap can be done in this summer time. Hot atmosphere may cause dry skin on scalp and it may lead to dry flakes on hair. Do hot oil massages on hair and scalp. This summer season is very good for applying hair packs. These are few tips for skin care on summer.