Homemade Psoriasis Treatments

Homemade Psoriasis TreatmentsHomemade Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis is considered as an inflammatory disease caused by Candida fungus in your digestive system. It affects our body as a result of living with this fungus for a long time. It is recommended to avoid sweets and sugars. Eat lots of fruits. Avoid baked items. Avoid stress and try to always be pleasant.

As a cure several remedies are proposed. But the results varies in different persons. Because of the duration of the disease affected in the body the result of treatments are also varies. My personal opinion is be very patient and try one or few remedies and watch the results.

Organic neem oil found very effective for scalp psoriasis. Rub it into scalp and sleep with it on. Wash it off the next day morning. (see more neem oil).

Some people found an average result for psoriasis with shea butter. After bathing towel dry scalp and body. Apply shea butter. If you can leave it for long time is good. Then wash it off.

Eating Turmeric pills/capsules also heard giving good results. It is a very good anti-inflammatory product.

Always try to use green tea and Salmon oil (omega 3's).

Try doing some natural colon cleansing methods.

There are so many medical treatments also available to treat psoriasis.

These are some homemade psoriasis treatments to try.
posted by: Geetha