Skin Beauty Information

Skin Beauty Information
In oily face, the dead cells and oil make a comfortable place for bacteria. The oxygen from the atmosphere causes oxygenation make the spot black. Altogether this causes the skin pores to be closed. This is actually called black heads.

Cabbage ground, a pinch yeast and three drops honey. This is very good for wrinkles.

An equal mix of almond oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil is very good to massage on face and body before bathing.

A mix of fullers earth, tomato pulp, curd and cucumber juice is avery good cleansing mask.

Carrot pulp and almond oil can be used for wrinkles.

Orange juice, honey, multani mitti and rose water. Mix well and prepare a paste. Wash the face and apply it. Wash it off after 20 min, before it getting dry on face. This very good to remove excess oil from an oily type face.

Three tsp. of coconut oil and one tsp. lemon juice. Apply this on face and body before bathing. To wash it off use chick pea flour. This can increase the skin complexion and smoothness.

A mix of lemon juice and sugar is a very good trick t remove dead cells and to get a shiny face.

Water melon is very good item for skin beauty. Apply the pulp of water melon on face and neck. This can give some relaxation to eczema also. Drink melon juice everyday.

Half tomato, half potato and a few drops of lemon juice. Grind and make a paste. This is very good for removing white spots on face.