Homemade Body Wrap

Herbal Body Wrap/Homemade Body Mask

Herbal body wrap is highly beneficial to rejuvenate the body tissues as a topical application.It draws out the toxins from the skin and peripheral tissues. It helps body to extract fat tissues and reduce fat. After removing fat and toxin, this herbal body mask supplies minerals that body needed. Today the herbal body wrap/mask I explain here is for oily skin type. I will come up with homemade body wraps for all other skin types and skin problems latter.

Herbal Body Wrap/Mask for Oily Skin
This body wrap removes extra oil, absorbs toxin, removes peripheral fats, ease joint pain and improve blood circulation.

Ingredients to make homemade body mask
1.Fuller's earth (multani mitti)-2 cups
2.Sea salt-1 cup
3.Neem powder or leaves-1/2 cup
4.Aloe vera powder-1/2 cup
5.Coconut milk powder-2 tbsp.

6.Fruit juice-1 cup
7.Lemon juice-1/2 cup
8.Glycerin-1/2 cup
9.Sandalwood oil-6 ml.
10.Tea tree oil-6 ml.
11.Lavender oil-6 ml.

How to prepare the homemade mask to wrap the body
Boil 1.4 ltrs.(1400 ml) of water in a big steel pot. When the water reaches to boil add the above ingredient 1 to 5 and remove flame. Then add ingredients 6 to 11 one by one. Then allow it to cool.

Things to remember before doing the herbal body wrap
For the last one week before doing body wrap try to drink enough water.You can apply any clay cleansing mask. Eat healthy food. Avoid shaving or waxing on these days.

Here the GO!
Take a hot bath. Now we need long enough medical bandage cloths or thick cottons to wrap body. Cut it into required lengths.Keep the mask in the pot warm, heat it if required. Dip the bandage in the mask one by one.Then wrap the body with the bandages. Start from ankles and move above. Or apply the mask on the body using a brush, then wrap the body using hot bandage.Wait for 60 min. Then wash body with warm water.

If you do this homemade body wrap/mask monthly you can avoid excess fat, get good looking smooth and supple skin.

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