Homely Care for Skin

Mix orange juice, honey and multani mitti and make a paste. Apply this on face and wash it off after 15 min. This is very good for oily face to get a clear skin.

Grind the dry seeds of orange and make it a paste by adding water. This is very effective for pimple treatment.

Cut orange into four pieces and take one piece and give a round rubbing all over the face. This is very good to remove extra oil and dirt from face. By continued use your skin becomes clear and smooth.

Grind dry orange peels and add rose water to make it  a paste. Apply this on face and give a though massage to remove white heads and black heads.

Mix green gram flour, lemon juice and curd. Apply this on face and body to clear sun exposure effect from skin.

Add few drops of lemon juice to coconut oil. Use this oil all over body. Then take bath.

Mix sugar powder and lemon juice. Apply this on face and give a soft massage to remove dead cells.

Add milk cream and water melon juice. Apply this on face to remove marks from face.

Curd and tomato juice is a very good treatment for avoiding extra oiliness on face.

Add lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply on face to remove acne marks.

Make a paste of cabbage, cucumber, sugar and few drops pf lemon juice. Apply this on neck to remove wrinkles from neck region.

Carrot is a best way to skin complexion. Drink carrot juice daily. Apply carrot and milk cream on face. Put grated carrot on eyes to remove dark circles.