Combination Skin Care

As name indicates this  skin type is the combination of oily and dry skins. In the T-zone (center of face) area the skin shows oily nature. Cheeks show dry or normal skin;s nature. This may show some variation according to age and mental conditions. So skin care routine or using products also should show a combination method.

Skin Care for combination skin

The skin care steps you take to treat a specific area should not affect the other areas. When you do cleansing it would not be suitable to select an oily skin type product or a dry skin care product. Here you can go for cleansing liquid or bar with moisturizer. Or go face wash with moisturizer. Then use a gentle face scrub to exfoliate the dead cells. This will reduce the formation of any spots. This will eradicate the formation of blackheads in a certain extent. But using a strip or blackhead remover may become necessary. Then the moisture you use should be with mattifying quality, that would not dry out the cheek area. Use only oil free creams or light moisture lotions at night.

Skin care routine for combination skin

You have to use a forming cleanser. This will help to remove the oils from T-zone without disturbing the dry skin areas.

Use any gentle or mild facial scrub. Focus on the oily areas and give only mild rub on the other areas.

Now you can give steam. Add a little rose water to the boiling water. Give steam for about 10 min.

Then face mask. If the T-zone is giving problem then use clay based face mask and apply it on that area only. Or if the dry areas are problematic use a hydrating moisture mask on that area. Or you can combine both the steps. After ten min. wash it of with tepid or warm water. Instead of using store bought mask try natural face packs in this site. (use search box to find s suitable face pack). Face packs with fresh rose flower is recommended.

Finally apply a light moisturizer.  Take care to avoid strong rub on the oily areass while using scrubs. Take care of the skin condition individually, as the combination of oily and dry skins. Remember to moisturize the delicate areas like around the eyes.