Dry Skin Care

In this case the skin looks so tight, dull and gray. A dry skin occurs when the oil on the surface skin is less and when the water content is lost. The dry skin give a dull look and the skin may appear older that that you are. Wrinkles appears very early. Flaky outer layer give a ode look. It also increases the damage from UV rays. To make the skin hydrated it becomes necessary to keep the oil level normal.

While taking care of dry skin the primary importance should be given to avoid products that contain alcohol or soap. For cleansers select creamy or milky cleansers that suit a dry skin. Another main thing to take care is a systematic routine for dead cell removal. In a dry skin there may be more dead cells formed but renewal of new cells may be slow. So the outer flaky dead cells give a dull look. AHA cleanser can solve this problem. Using a natural and gentle scrub is advised to remove the dead cells periodically. Give more care to select a moisturizer that can hydrate skin efficiently. Water based or humectant based moisturizer can beat the situation. Use twice a day or more. Also take care of the environmental factors. Remember to drink water or fruit juices.  Avoid acidic foods. Give more care during winter season.

Routine care for dry skin

The first thing to do is exfoliation or removing dead cells. You can use a gentle facial scrub, natural scrubs are better. Give a round rub all over the face. Wet the face while doing this if the scrub become dry. Rinse the face in between.

Use a milky cleanser. Use cotton wool to do this and it cleans deeper dirt and polishes the surface skin. While wiping the face take care to leave a minimum wet on the face. Or spray cool water over the skin.

Now you have to apply a suitable mask. Select the suitable one that hydrate the skin or keep the moisture content. Or you can go for natural face mask like with avocado. (search for "avocado" in this site). Wait for 10-15 min. and rinse it off.

Now is the time for applying moisturizer. Surely you select moisturizer as explained above. While applying moisturizer just pat the face. This can retain the moisture on the skin.

This you do once or twice a week. So the dry skin gradually acquires the required normal condition. For an extremely dry skin it is recommended to use natural ingredients as cleanser, moisturizer and face mask. You can find so many natural homemade beauty tips in this site. Use the search box to find it.