Fruits Vegetables and Beauty

Fruits Vegetables and Beauty

Earlier also I wrote about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. For our good health vegetables and fruits play a very important role. Not only for health, they are so helpful in increasing and sustaining our skin beauty. Fruits and vegetables are so safe to eat, so they can be used in beauty care without any fear. When we eat the useful content digest and is absorbed by the body. Most of the contents reach the outer skin also. But when we apply them superficially the benefits are reached directly to the skin. The juices and pulp impart a very sudden and instant result. That is the reason people are very confident in the result of using natural ingredient in beauty care.

Carrot is very rich in vitamin A. Drink everyday a glass of carrot juice. This will give a special glow to your eyes. Not only that your face gets a new complexion. It looks so supple. You can use carrot pulp as a face pack. Mix milk cream and carrot pulp and apply on face. After ten  fifteen min. wash it off. Do it daily for five days and repeat it once or twice in a week. If you want it is ok to boil carrot and make a paste. Add milk or honey. Think that you have to attend a function on the evening. After lunch drink a glass of carrot juice. Then have a nice nap. Look on the mirror and feel the difference on your face.

Drinking grape juice is so beneficial not only for your digestive system, it gives a fresh look to your facial skin. When you have some wedding functions and it may be necessary to keep your beauty then take care to avoid acidic food. Drink a glass of grape juice before sleeping. In morning dip a cotton ball in grape juice and rub all over face and neck. Then apply grape pulp on face and keep it for 10 min. Wash it of in cold water. this will make skin smooth and soft. Applying black grape and lemon juice mix on lips is very good to get color and shape.

Apple every day keeps the health in shape. Eating apple is good habit not only for stomach and digestion, it also increases the skin texture, softness and look. Or drink apple juice. Carrot, grape and apple are very very important fruits that keep your skin beauty. Mix apple pulp and milk cream. Apply this on face every morning. This balance your pH condition on the surface skin. Drinking apple juice keep your stomach in balance condition. Over acidity make your skin dry and it may cause wrinkles. So take care of the acidity.

Papaya is an unavoidable ingredient in natural beauty care. Papaya juice is very good for stomach cleansing. Good for acidity. Applying papaya pulp on face is very good. This has got a cleansing and bleaching effect. Face looks like bleached and cleansed. If mix with a pinch of turmeric powder can help in increasing facial skin beauty. It gives cleansing facial effect. For dry skin type mix it with honey and apply. But do not use half ripe or raw papaya. Test it on inner wrist for any itching effect.