Oils and Beauty

There are so many oils that can be used to increase beauty. Oils are also used for hair care. Oil is used especially to treat dry skins. To escape from extreme dry skin, gingelly oil is helpful. Before going for bath, apply oil and massage all over the body. Wait for 10-20 min. Then take bath. If you like to avoid soap then use green gram powder.

During winter there are chances to form fine lines on the skin due to loss of water content from the surface skin. Mix caster oil and rose water and apply on face. Doing this on night and keeping it overnight gives better result.

Mix olive oil 3tsp. glycerin 1tsp. honey 1tsp. Apply this on face and body. This gives extra smooth skin and avoids dry lines and it diminish the appearance of marks by continued use.

Apply baby oil and massage face. While bathing use glycerin soap. This gives skin a smooth texture.

Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and olive oil. Apply on face and body before bathing. This is for oily skin. For dry skin it may make it more dry. But apply oil before using this mix.

Mix almond oil, milk cream and sugar powder. Apply it on face. This is very good for dry skin with flakes. You get a smooth and soft skin.

Have a teaspoon of cod liver oil or shark liver oil daily before dinner. This will eradicate dryness of you r skin and give a soft skin.

Apply olive oil and massage well on face. After 5 min. apply a mix of multani mitti (clay) and milk. Wait for 10 min. and then wash it off. This is very good for dry skin.

Boil oats and milk and make thick mix. Add badam oil (almond oil). Apply the cool mix on face. After five min. wash it off with cold water.

Mix banana paste, olive oil and honey. Apply this on face, neck and hands. This removes marks from skin.

Mix equal quantity of olive oil and vinegar. Apply this on face, neck and back side of neck. This will remove the darkish patches due to sun exposure.

One tsp. gram flour, one pinch turmeric powder, three drops of lemon juice and a little olive oil. Apply this on face and wash it off after 20 min. This is a very good treatment for removing the dark shade on face. Gives shiny white complexion.