Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

How do you make sure that your skin is sensitive? When you use some products it may cause itching or burning. Some ingredients may make allergic sensations. You may feel difficult to select suitable products. You find hard time to choose a product that won't cause any problem to your skin. And the success will be on finding suitable products that fits for a sensitive skin.

First decide, very cleverly, to use only very necessary products and avoid using so many products. Normally a woman uses several products daily that supplies many chemicals to the skin. But for a sensitive skin this must be avoided. You need a good skin cleanser, a moisturizer with sun screen.Using toner or any more products are not necessary to you. Sometimes if there is some skin problems then you have to go for treatment items and use products very carefully.

Avoid using strong fragrances, colors and preservatives. Choose products that are labeled allergy tested. Using herbal products that is 100% herbal is good. Products with homemade ingredients will be a final solution to highly sensitive skin.

The most important point is a proper care for skin on a daily basis. Never leave your skin uncared. If you use make up, definitely here also you will be  choosy, do not forget to remove the make up at  the end of the day. Use gentle make up remover. Special car to be given on eye area. Use very light and creamy cleansers. Minimize the quantity of chemicals as for as possible. Cleansing must be restricted to once in a day. Always keep the skin moisturized. Avoid everything that causes dryness, including food. Use moisturizer twice a day. Drink enough water. If you use any other products for pigmentation or spots make it once or twice a week. And select non allergic treatment products. Apply products in minimum level. If any product creates allergy to the skin then try to reduce the quantity of it. Still the problems persists then try to dilute the product either by adding water or moisturizer.

Once in month do the following routine care. Here the point is to reduce maximum the use of chemicals, so it have simple and very less steps. First thing is cleansing. You can use any gentle creamy cleanser. Using a cotton ball wipe the skin gently. Or you can go for natural cleansing using the chamomile tea. Use the warm tea water as a cleanser. Rinse the face with this tea water. It is good to repeat rinsing or splashing tea water on face for 10 min. If there is dirt or oils left after rinsing then use soft cotton ball dipping tea water to wipe off the remaining oils if any. Do not press the cotton on face. Do it very gently. Now you can use a hydrating face mask for sensitive skin. Or prepare a natural face mask by mixing cooked oats and yogurt (try the term 'face pack' in the search box). While using store bought mask or homemade face pack, avoid eye area. After applying mask wait for 10 min. Then wash it off with very light warm water. Do not press or wipe the face. Finally apply suitable moisturizer with sunscreen. Gel moisturizer will be a good choice.

While choosing sunscreens, go for products that gives protection by applying as a layer. This is not through any chemical action. There are other sunscreen products that give protection through chemical reactions. Avoid such products. Do some research work in the net to collect such information. Using same product for a long period may cause allergy. So try to alternate products weekly.