Homemade Moisturizer for skin

Homemade moisturizer for skin

Everyone knows that almond oil can be used as an excellent homemade moisturizer or natural moisturizer. And it nourishes the skin. It suits all type of skin. Also it is available worldwide. Here we are not using any complicate ingredients. It is simple and simple to prepare.

2tsp bees wax
1tsp liquid wax
5tsp almond oil
4tsp water
scent or scented oil (few drops)

Melt bees wax and liquid wax in a china bowl. Add almond oil to it. Heat water in another container and then mix it in the first mixture. Remember that both mixtures should be prepared at same temperatures. Stir the thick mixture with a wooden spoon till it gets cold. During the cooling process add scent. Natural Homemade Skin Moisturizer is ready.