Homemade Hair Straightening Pack

Homemade Hair Straightening Technique
home hair mask
Today I thought to write a post about hair straightening using natural homemade ingredients. This also from my experience with my clients. There was one girl who preferred homemade or natural things for her skin and hair. She visited me once in a week to apply natural henna powder in hair. Actually she liked it and the result was amazing. Other friends asked her about the new healthy hair growth. For that I actually mixed some other herbs with henna which actually helped her.

Latter she expressed her wish to get her hair straight, but she prefers herbal methods. Her hair is between wavy and straight. Not wavy or not pin straight. And the texture is soft and have black hair. I thought her hair actually had a chance to become straight but because of some slight deviation it became wavy at the time of birth. I was kidding.

At that time when she allowed me to do something, I did not give a second thought. I prepared the homemade hair straightening pack. For that I took 0ne cup multani mitti(fuller's earth), 5tsp. rice flour and one egg white. By adding water I made a loose paste. Before applying this, I gave a light oil massage on hair. Then applied this hair straightening pack. First using a wide toothed comb I combed hair down and applied this pack. Again combing few times in between pack is fine. Keep the hair as straight as possible by combing. Keep it like this till the pack dries well. After 30 min. approx wash it or rinse it off.
If you want you can add amla and shikakai powder. This will act as a nourishment to hair.
Apply this homemade hair straightening pack once in a week for about few months.