Professional hot oil massage

How to do professional hot oil massage

Steps for effective hot oil massage:

1 heat oil and apply full scalp by sectioning the hair.

2 comb out and remove the dead hair.

3 massage the scalp as per strokes given below:

  • A. massage with palm in every angle.
  • B. do it from sides till fingers get interlocked.
  • C. do it with thumbs at the back.
  • D. do in circular movements
  • E. circular movements and pick it up.
  • F. scratching strokes.
  • G. chopping strokes
  • H. hold the scalp tight in every angle.
  • I. rotate the scalp and pick it up.
  • J. massage the forehead to the temple.
  • K. section the hair and with thumbs massage the nape of neck.
  • L. press the shoulder
  • M. couple the shoulder
  • N. ladder like movements on the back

4 steam the hair sectioning the hair with comb so that the steam enters and opens up the pores. the oil that is necessary is absorbed.

5 after steaming give a quick massage covering all the massage strokes as since the pores are opened the the maximum oil can be absorbed.

6 steam the hair once again.

7 cover the head with towel to retain the steam on the head

8 allow to sock for 15 min

9 shampoo the hair making sure that all the oil is well removed from the hair.