Hair Care-rejuvenating mask

Now hair care is very easy through using hair masks or hair packs. It will help us to escape from hair damages and it will regain the lost healthy condition of hair. Here I am suggesting a hair rejuvenating mask. Sometimes you have lost your hair's natural look using harsh hair dyes-no problem. Hair care products bought from store created any hair damage? No problem!

Do the hair care by the rejuvenating mask shown below.

To prepare this mask you need:

green gram flour - 3 to 5 tsp.
chickpea flour - 3 to 5 tsp.
fenugreek powder - 1 tsp.
beetroot - 1/2 of a small piece.
cucumber - small piece.
orange - 1 or 2 pieces.
egg white - 1

Green gram flour is a main item for good hair care. It is used in India to clean or wash hair instead of shampoo. It is also used for cleaning body instead of body soap. (not for dry skin). Some may complain the powder of green gram is difficult to rinse away from hair - don't worry, use any hot oil before using green gram. It is always good to do oil massage on hair before using any homemade, natural packs.
Chickpea flour
is also a natural cleanser.
Fenugreek powder is very good for dry hair and will avoid dandruff condition.
has cleansing, nourishing and detoxifying effects on scalp and skin. It can be used to draw toxins from infected sores and wounds. You all know it is used as natural colorant on hair mixing with henna etc.
we are using here to rejuvenate hair from any chlorine damages. It can be used as a good anti-chlorine mask.
Orange is used as a hair toner. The acidic property of orange improves scalp condition.
Egg white
acts as conditioner.

How to prepare this hair care pack
Mix all the ingredients in a mixer/grinder. Make it a paste. Add water if needed.

How to apply hair care pack
No need to wash hair prior to this. If your hair is too dirty, give a mild wash. Towel dry and then apply oil on hair. Use warm olive oil or coconut oil according to your choice. Massage scalp for few min. Now apply the above pack into scalp and hair. Leave the pack for about 20 min. Then wash it off with water. If you feel like shampooing, use mild shampoo only.

Try to use this hair care pack once in a week till your hair becomes gorgeous.