Fenugreek-medicinal uses

The herbal medicinal uses of FenugreekFenugreek seeds
Trigonella foenum graecum (Methi)

Now we have seen so many herbs used in our beauty treatments. As you know the herbs used in these tips have medicinal and culinary uses. I thought anyway you will be using these herbs and it will be a good thing if you can use these herbal ingredients for relieving from common ailments. I can give you some medicinal uses of these herbs. I am not going into the deeper topics of herbs. Just explains how we can use it in our daily life to cure many of our common ailments or disorders that may happen to our body due the hectic busy life routine.

Today we are going to see the herbal medicinal uses of the most heared herb Fenugreek. As you know we have already discussed the uses of fenugreek in preventing dandruff, pimples and promoting hair growth.

Fenugreek-medicinal uses
Fenugreek can be used while we are having common fever, throat inflammation, stomach ulcer or disorders, and even for controlling glucose level increase.

For common fever- Fenugreek tea. An infusion made from fenugreek seeds is used for fever. Boil one tsp. fenugreek seed in 4 cups of water. Allow it to cool. Drink four times, one cup each time. Reduce the quantity as fever comes down. If suffering from mucus and inflammatory throat or nose, soak the seeds overnight and make the infusion. It is very good to use for cold and if suffering from inflammatory colds. It helps reducing mucus. In this infusion you can add few drops of lemon juice for taste.

When you feel stomach disorders, acidity, the problems of stomach ulcer and when you feel over heat in body you can drink this fenugreek tea.

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For diabetes also the fenugreek seeds are used. Using this fenugreek seeds we can control the level of sugar naturally. We will feel cool and comfortable by reducing the sugar level with fenugreek. But I won't suggest to use it instead of your diabetes medicines. For diabetes, soak 2 tsp.of fenugreek seeds over night. In the morning make a paste out of it and have it along with some other veg. juice or something. Or soak the seeds and drink that water. Or even you can swallow the soaked seeds if you can. The powdered fenugreek cooked in rice powder and brown sugar can be given to lactating mother to produce breast milk. There are lot of products with fenugreek are available in the market.
These are only few medicinal uses of fenugreek.