Face pack for Face Pimples

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Beauty Tips for Face Pimples

There are so many face pack for face pimples available in the market. But here I am suggesting a method as a package to remove face pimples. This package may help to remove all most all sorts of pimples. Use this face pack for pimples daily for one week if you have severe pimples.

Ingredients to prepare Face Pack for Face Pimples
Ripe papaya
Cinnamon powder
Leaves of mint/tulsi/neem

Get few pieces of RIPE papaya. Mash it into a thick paste. Take 3 tsp. of papaya paste and add 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon powder. Mix well. Add 1tsp. of tulsi or neem or mint powder. If it is available use fresh leaves of it. Mix everything and get a loose paste. If needed add a little water.

Application of Face Pack for Face Pimples
In the morning cleanse your face with diluted astringent lotion. Rinse with water and tissue dry your face. Apply this face pack for pimples on affected areas. (If you have sensitive skin, then try this pack on the inner wrist first) Wait for 10 to 20 min. and wash your face with water. Before going to bed in the night cleanse your face with astringent lotion. Morning you apply this face pack for pimples again for one week.