Damaged skin on my chin

I watched damaged skin on my chin and dark area around eyes. After few weeks I noticed and till that time I was little busy. Dark circles may be due to lack of enough sleep. Now here climate is shifting from cold to hot. On both sides of my nose also I saw cells/tissues elongated and slightly de-formatted. In this time for damaged skin we have to help skin to retain moisture. Also have to get the cells proper healthy shape.

See what I did. While taking bath after wetting the face, I mixed glycerin and honey(1:3) and applied on face and around eyes, being cared not to go inside the eyelids. This is a good treatment for damaged skin. Actually we have to wait for 10-15 min. By that time apply some almond oil on foot area and start scrubbing using a file. OK after that I rinsed face with water and had my bath. I continued it for last three days and now it is getting better. My whole face is showing a new glow. Adding lemon juice also good if you have oily skin. Or add 1/4 tsp. turmeric or sandal powder also good.

By these time take care to drink enough water or juices which helps to regain the skin beauty. Eat fresh green vegetables. Avoid oily fried foods. Keep away from direct sun light. Glycerin and honey can go long way to repair damaged skin.