Homemade Mud Pack

Mud Face Pack/Mud Mask

Discovering the magical benefits of mud (multani mitti/Fuller's Earth) face pack. Yes it has got the cleansing property and it rejuvenates the skin with its mineral rich formula. It is natural. Using mud for several skin treatments started from the olden era. You can make mud face pack at home.

Here I suggests the mud face mask/pack for oily and dry skin with separate formula. For oily skin it absorbs excess sebum from the skin and cleanse the dirt. Finally you will have a new look. The ingredients for dry skin cleanse the face without making it more dry.

Mud Face Pack for Dry Skin
Multani mitti(Fuller's earth) - 3 tsp.
Yogurt (curd) - 1 to 2 tsp.
Almond oil 1/2 tsp.
Rose water - 3 drops

Take the curd in bowl and add fullers earth gradually and stir with a spoon. Pour almond oil and rose water. Mix all the ingredients to make a loose paste. Apply this mud face pack and wait for 20 min. Then wash it off with fresh cold water.

Mud Face Pack for oily Skin
Multani mitti - 3 tsp.
Lime juice - few drops
Rose water - 3 drops

Mix all the ingredients to get a loose paste. Clean your face and apply this mud pack on the face. Wait for 30 min. and then wash it off. Applying homemade mud pack twice in a month can give good result.